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The Air Purifier P500 is a true treasure. Not only does it provide a feast for the eyes at home or work, it also purifies air efficiently in accordance with your preferences. Three specialized, multi-stage filters act as active protective shields and trap the smallest particles in the air.

Product Highlights

  • Red Dot Design Award Winner
  • High cleaning output: airflow up to 300 m3 per hour in CADR
  • Whisper-quiet in operation, ideal for rooms up to 45-55 m3
  • Easy handling with the remote control
  • Clear indication of the air quality in the living room

Product Details

  • Ideal for families with children, people with allergies, city dwellers and smokers
  • High cleaning output
  • Clear indication of the air quality in the living room
  • Easy operation with the remote control
  • Automatic operation function (AUTO MODE)
  • Energy-saving function (SLEEP MODE)
  • Extra-fast air purification (POWER MODE)
  • Reminder for filter change
  • Timer for setting operating times according to your preferences
  • Whisper-quiet in operation
  • Container for the use of fragrances
  • High-quality components with long service life


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