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Airfree Onix 3000

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The Airfree Onix 3000 air sterilizer utilizes heat to kill 99.99% of airborne microorganisms, including mold, bacteria, viruses and more. It covers rooms up to 650 sq. ft. in size. Totally-silent operation, no ozone and maintenance free—there are no expensive filters to replace.

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  • Cleans up to 650 sq. ft.
  • Destroys 99.99% of all microorganisms
  • Does not require filters
  • Incinerator chamber heats to 400°F (204°C)
  • Does not emit ozone or ions
  • No fan
  • Completely-silent, continuous operation
  • Plug in to turn on
  • On/off LED light
  • Adjustable blue anti-stress light
  • Auto shut-off protection
  • Air intake at the bottom, outflow at the top
  • Moves air through a process of air convection at a rate of 14 m³/hr
  • Air is cooled before exiting the unit
  • Energy-efficient: only uses 52 watts
  • Tilt sensor
  • ISO, CE, UL certified
  • Color: Black
  • ABS Plastic shell, ceramic core
  • Made in Portugal

See Airfree’s effectiveness at work
This laboratory-conducted test shows how Airfree acts to prevent mould.


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