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Miele Swing H1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner Features and Benefits:

Power – Motor: 1,000-Watt motor

Speed Control: Electronic variable power controls ranging from 0 – 1000 watts.

Filtration System: AirClean Filter (1 included), Type K Intensive Clean dust bag with flap for dust-free removal (1 included), and pre-motor filter (1 included)

Included Tools and Accessories:

  • Floor Tools: SBD470-3 Combination carpet/smooth floor tool
  • Wands: Telescopic wand
  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice Nozzle
  • Onboard caddy

Additional Features:

  • 28 foot cleaning radius
  • A convenient two-clip system holds the cord when not in use. A simple twist releases the cord for use.
  • All Miele Vacuums are made from the same material used in football helmets. The ABS casing is very strong and exceptionally durable.
  • Unit Color: Mango Red

Recommended for: Low pile area rugs and smooth flooring

The Miele Swing H1 is the newest Miele Stick vacuum replacing both the S163 and S168. A 9 pound, lightweight vacuum cleaner, the Miele Swing H1 is designed for cleaning smooth flooring or for those quick pickups on carpeting between vacuuming. The Swing H1 is the ideal choice for apartments, lofts, yachts, RVs and campers, or a perfect companion to your Miele canister or full-size upright. The Miele Stick Vacuums were formerly called Mini-Uprights or Universal Uprights because they include many of the features of a full size upright vacuum cleaner. No matter what you prefer to call this Miele, the Swing H1 is a good name to describe the perfect tool for touching up small areas, cleaning up dry spills or vacuuming hard surfaces. With a comfortable ergonomically designed handle and a powerful 1,000 watt Vortex motor, you’ll find this machine fits comfortably in your hand with all the power to adequately clean.

If you want to make it suitable for deep cleaning carpeted areas, you can purchase the SEB217 electric power brush designed to connect to the stick vacuum. This may be the perfect option if you want a smaller, lightweight vacuum, but still want something that can adequately clean carpeting. We always recommend powerheads for cleaning carpeted areas. Take a look at all the features mentioned below.

Miele Swing H1 Series Vacuum Cleaner Endurance Testing

Longevity Test: Miele vacuum cleaners are tested with a required result of 1000 operating hours. 1000 operating hours represents about 20 years of residential use. It is the critical primary component of the Miele vacuum cleaner that accounts for this longevity, and that component is the Miele Vortex Motor System.

Floor Test: Miele’s floor and accessory tools are tested on miles and miles of different flooring. The tools and brushes are carefully and methodically inspected, just like the vacuum cleaners. Finally all tools must pass a drop test where they are repeatedly dropped from a height of almost three feet. When they pass this test then, and only then, are they ready to proceed with production.

Threshold Test: Miele vacuum cleaners are put through a series of tests that simulate the daily uses and abuses a vacuum cleaner goes through to make sure the bumpers, casters and outside casing all meet Miele’s high standard of excellence. The threshold test is just such a test. Here Miele vacuums travel miles of track with simulated door thresholds, bumps, and curves to put the most stress possible on the machine.

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