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Lindhaus Healthcare Pro Vacuum

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Product Description


Two motor Upright vacuum / Electric broom / carpet cleaner
– Ideal for mixed environments: carpet –   floor
– Light, quite and very easy to handle
– Patented universal brush for floors and carpets
– Backpack kit (optional)
– Blower (optional)
– Full set of accessories on board
– Quick release connections
– Integrated dry-cleaning system

– Available with 12″ and 14″ electronic power nozzles

1. The patented M29R Lindhaus universal nozzle with 4 wheels and all around suction can be equipped with a felt plate (optional) to vacuum and polish delicate floors.

The new floor tool M32R is available for large surfaces.

2. With a backpack kit (optional), the machine turns into a lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner for cinemas, theatres, trains, etc.

3. The M30e and M38e power nozzles are equipped with the integrated DCS dry cleaning system to sanitize and refresh any type of carpet.

The new video attached is related to the professional version but beside the colors and less tools on board, the functions are the same